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Sladjana Stevenson

Owner, RMT, R. BIE

Sladjana graduated from Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy in February, 2013. She worked at Sanctuary Day Spas in Vaughan in the past and has relocated to Fergus in September of 2014 . She joined the team at Grand River Massage Therapy at that time and has successfully built a large clientele in Fergus and the surrounding areas! She is now excited to continue working in this beautiful historic town, right beside the Grand River, as she takes on a new role as the owner of Riverside Massage Therapy and Wellness Clinic.


Sladjana offers Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage, prenatal treatments, deep tissue treatments,as well as TMJ & bruxism treatments.


After personally experiencing the powerful healing effects of the bio-energetic treatments (BIE), Sladjana was inspired to expand from her career in Massage Therapy and studied the bio-energetic techniques at the Institute of Natural Health Technologies. B.I.E has proven effective in helping those who are suffering from the wide number of health conditions it can help. Sladjana also studied Health and Nutrition at Alive Academy of Natural Health in 2014 as part of her curriculum.


She has come to strongly believe that proper nutrition along with the bio-energetic treatments has great potential to relieve the negative effects of stress that the body may be experiencing. The human body has the ability to heal itself from almost any disease once homeostasis (stable internal balance of the body) is achieved. Conditions that the bio-energetic treatments have helped to improve are food and environmental allergies, autism, ADHD, eczema, psoriasis, asthma, brain fog, depression, anxiety. digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances and more.


Sladjana is passionate about Alternative Health Care solutions and looks forward to helping as many people as possible move back towards their ideal state of health, and especially to helping children with learning disabilities improve their quality of life.

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